The ANDROMEDA 550 is a single head upcut compound miter saw complete with a 550 mm carbide tipped blade for precision cutting of Aluminum and PVC material.

The fully adjustable blade advancement system lets you control the stroke of the hydro-pneumatic cylinder.

The tilting of the blade is pneumatically operated from 90 to 45 while the intermediate angles can be obtained with manual mechanical stop the rotation of
the table is manual with fixed stops at 45/90/135 intermediate positions from 22.5on the right to 157.5 on the left by pneumatic locking.

This machine is equipped with a digital angle display to read the rotation angle for easy operator use.

The upward movement of the blade cuts with little pressure on the profile and facilitates precise and accurate cuttings.

Dust collection can be achieved through the evacuation port located on the rear of the machine.

• Carbide saw blade 550 mm
• Hydro-pneumatic blade feeding
• Full, pneumatic actuated, protection enclosure
• N.2 Horizontal clamps
• N.2 Vertical clamps
• Pneumatic mist spray
• Motor 3 kW

• Blade speed 2800 RPM
• Rotation from 22.5 to 157.5 the angle can be
read on a digital display, pneumatic locking
• Tilting from 90to 45 intermediate angles with
mechanical stop
• Working pressure: 7 bar

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